How can I replace the ADFS certificate?2020-07-08T09:26:38+04:00

Please refer to ADFS certificate replacement documentation.Click here 

After successful authentication, I receive “unable to validate signature” error how can I fix it?2020-07-06T08:45:08+04:00

The signature validation process failed. The certificate on identity provider gets renewed, but the OMREN federation still has the old one. Connect the support team to register the new organization metadata in the OMREN federation. 

I am receiving “Received an assertion that is valid in the future. Check clock synchronization on IdP and SP ” error after successful authentication, how can I fix it?2020-07-06T09:00:54+04:00

The ADFS server and OMREN federation have a different system clock (around 60 seconds or more). Slave your ADFS server system clock to the OMREN federation system clock. 

After successful authentication, I receive “cause by:simplesaml\module\saml\error: responder” error, how can I fix it?2020-07-07T09:19:08+04:00

Refresh your metadata. Run sync-ADFSTkAggregates.ps1 file in C:\ADFSToolkit\  

Why can’t I see my organization name option in the drop-down menu?2020-07-05T14:59:10+04:00

It’s disabled by the OMREN federation due to ADFS certificate expiration. Please contact the OMREN support after the ADFS certificate replacement process is completed. 

Why can’t I see the authentication page after choosing my organization name from drop-down menu?2020-07-05T14:59:54+04:00

Check the ADFS certificate status, network ports (443 & 80), and firewall setting.

When I try to access Mirsal service, I receive “The application encountered an error while processing your request SP authentication attribute not found” error. How can I fix it?2020-07-07T14:09:41+04:00

Update the email field in the user profile in your Active directory. 

I’m experiencing some issues with Logout process in OMREN services, how can I fix them.2020-07-08T09:37:05+04:00

Please refer to SAML End Points documentation. SAML END POINT.txt  and SAML END POINT.pdf

In the authentication page, I receive “An error occurred. Contact the administrator for more information” sign-in error, how can I fix it?2020-07-07T09:24:42+04:00

  1- Refresh your metadata. Run sync-ADFSTkAggregates.ps1 file in  C:\ADFSToolkit\  

  2- Check the ADFS logs. Open tools –> Event Viewer –> Application and services logs–> ADFS–> Admin 

In the configuration process, I receive certificate fingerprint comparison error, how can I fix it?2020-07-07T14:07:44+04:00

Check the certificate fingerprint characters and make sure no spaces between them. 

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